Let’s Linux

Linux is an operating system developed by people who loves computers. An operating system is a collection of programs that tells your computer on how to store pieces of information to your hard disk. How to connect to internet and so many things, that normally you take for granted. Most of the first time computer users are forced with a operating system developed by Microsoft Corp. called Windows. It charges about $200 USD for the software. of which a substantial portion goes as comission to your dealer. No doubt – then he does not tell you about a similar (actually some what better) software available to you free of cost.

There are deals to make that $200 vanish. The vanishing trick is called pre-loaded OS. Do not fall for it, compare prices of hardware with similar spec and you will discover the OS difference.

Some not so ethical vendor will also try to give you a deal – they will offer you to load a pirated version of Windows free of cost. DO NOT FALL for iit. They do it – so that they can sell you another useless piece of software called antivirus. Not only that, once you use it, you are legally in the same boat as a thief. Would like to have such distinction?

But you have a choice. A choice to dup all that pricy OS and anti-virus and so on. Why bother with a piece of OS that could not address its security hole to Virus even after 20 years. Go for Linux. It is virtually free from virus attack. As a result, your machine has all its power to work on the task rather than checking for virus. It comes with all the goodies like Office, torrent client, compilers etc. and it is available free. Free to install and free to distribute.

You can get a copy of Linux from your friendly neighborhood LUG (aka. Linux User Group) or search around for some freebie site.

Now that you have read this page: go the right way – USE Linux. Use ethical software without fear; with full freedom.

Linux is a free software. It comes with freedom to use, distribute, view and modify the code.