“A place for every thing

and every thing in it’s place.

That’s the way to sure success.”

There is nothing more convenient and peaceful than having a place on your own where you can do all your experiments without disturbance. For our work it does not take much to achieve that.

I use a simple rack for my work now. It has all my chemicals, labware and place for doing the work. On top, I keep the work. It has a test tube stand. A small plastic container to dispose chemicals, another small bottle to keep little distilled water to give final rinse to the lab ware. Rest keep changing on the need. I have a small pad of insulating material to keep hot bottles, glassware. Two spirit lamps for heating and glass works. I do take a little liberty of using few labware – it is there with me for last thiry years – two 100 ml beaker and two 250ml flask, besides couple of test tubes. These come handy as you can easily heat them and watch what’s going on inside. But these are not at all essential. Normal bottles would do just right.

If you have luxury of a big place available for your work, then you may spend a few buck on a Lab table. I had one such during my student days. Very convenient but takes lot of space.

Modern cramped flats where space is in big premium, you can probably get a wall unit made. The sketch given below will serve most requirement. You can extend the rack on top or bottom to store more items and chemicals. Drop down lid folds away to release space when it is not required. At the same time it is ideal to save unfinished work. If you have toddlers around in the house, it is essential that you keep all your chemical under lock and key.